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todayee camera Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - todayee camera

Organize photographs from social media posts.

This giveaway offer has been expired. todayee camera is now available on the regular basis.

Since the posts for one day are put together in one note, the photographs are not scattered.

* To use Todayee, you need ma separate account of Ever Note.

[ Features of Todayee Silent ]
- Shooting is possible immediately after startup
- Can add comments to photos
- Selectable photo size
- Save to camera roll
- There are the following restrictions
- You can not shoot with the camera facing up

- Give timestamp, location information, and weather information for each post
- Send in the background

[ Features of the Todayee series ]
"Todayee" is a type of posting application for Everhardt which has never been seen before. Various Todayee applications are offered for text, photographs, videos etc. according to the purpose. Posts of all of those apps are gathered in the notes of the day. Posts from other iPhones / iPads can also be aggregated into the same day's notes.

This application is one of the Todayee series. You can create daily notes in cooperation with other applications. For other Todayee applications, please search "related" or "other apps of this developer". You will find the application that suits your purpose.

[ Supports ]
If you have any questions or requests, feel free to let us know.

Photos by Joseph Gonzalez, Monika Grabkowska, Dakota Corbin, Wang Xi on Unsplash.








14.71 MB




English, Japanese


iPhone, iPad

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