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Tracing Board Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Tracing Board

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Tracing Board converts your iPad into an on-the-go light box.
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Tracing Board
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Tracing Board converts your iPad into an on-the-go light box.

This is a tool for those of us who draw daily (wherever we are) and sometimes need to re-draw sketches until we are pleased with the results.

-Use it to clean-up or fix mistakes in your drafts.
-Make hand copies of your originals with small variations.
-Combine drawings you’ve done in separate places.
-Make your own typographical creations by combining and tracing inspirational fonts.

-Use it on the go
-Menu can be locked to avoid accidentally tapping any controls or leaving the app while tracing.
-Save your boards to finish tracing later.
-Adjust Size, Brightness, Saturation & Contrast to make tracing easier.

Before using the app app, go to your iPad’s Settings and “Turn OFF Multitasking Gestures”.
Read the “Tips & Tricks” section displayed automatically on the first run (you can access it again later by tapping on the lightbulb icon) to get the most of this app.

Choose the drawing you want to trace and either take a photo of it, select a photo from Camera Roll or simply tape the drawing you want to trace over the white screen and add a white paper on top.

Tracing board does not condone copying original works from other artist and claiming them as yours. It is merely a tool to improve your own creations, practice or for going from a draft to a final piece.

We recommend using a soft lead pencil and tracing with minimum pressure to avoid damaging your device.


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