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Tracker Buttons Pro Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Tracker Buttons Pro

Track Your Life Better With Tracker Buttons!
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Tracker Buttons Pro
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Track Your Life Better With Tracker Buttons! Tracker Buttons provides a flexible and easy way to track and organize almost anything.

Tracker Buttons Pro works on Apple Watch as well.

Track and monitor various activities of the day in a fast and timely manner. Get answers to questions like which days did I exercise last week, how much money do I spend on average per day, and how long do my kids watch TV.

There are too many specialist apps for exercising , monitoring your spending , habits etc They are detailed and complex.

Tracker Buttons provides a very simple option to track these without the complexity.
Tracker Buttons also can be used to track things for which there are no specialist apps.

Tracker Buttons helps to track items , created literally with the click of a button ! Users are only limited by their imagination on what they want to monitor or track. Set up your buttons in just seconds.

Users may keep track of their exercise or even their average spending on bills. The possibilities truly are endless. Once activities have been tracked long enough users are able to see daily, weekly, and monthly reports on a graph of the data.


- Keep Track Of Important Items In Your Life
- Customized To Track All Of Your Activities
- View Daily or Weekly or Monthly Statistics Of Your Data
- Create As Many Buttons As Desired
- Keep Information A Secret By Making Buttons ‘Private’
- Export Data For Further Analysis

1. Count - Every time you click the button an entry is logged with a timestamp which allows you to track an item like the number of days you went to the gym.

2. Duration - Create a duration button to track how much time is spent on an activity. How long a child watches TV could easily be monitored with the Duration button by clicking when they begin their show and clicking once more when they are done.

3. Value - Create a ‘Value’ button to record any items that contain value, like bills paid. Record the item name and how much you paid, and see a summary of your spending.

With TrackerButtons Pro on your Apple Watch it is very easy to track or measure your activities! You don't need to take out your phone to tap the buttons.

*****Download Tracker Buttons today and start tracking anything important in your life!*****

Tracker Buttons Lite is the free version with display ads and without Apple Watch functionality.

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