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Turbo Bounce Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Turbo Bounce

Turbo Bounce is an amazing new bouncing app sure to give you endless hours of fun.
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Turbo Bounce is an amazing new bouncing app sure to give you endless hours of fun.

"I was shocked to see I had been playing for an hour! The time just flew by."

Turbo Bounce has the same great qualities that keep you playing popular games like Doodle Jump and Tiny Wings, but is a completely new game altogether. Incredibly innovative, it contains beautiful graphics and heart-pumping music to make this an amazing gaming experience.

Start as a simple circle and tilt your iPhone or iPod to bounce on safe squares. Hit powerups for extra goodies and points, then bounce on up to the next level! You start with just a simple green circle, but as you progress, you'll find it changing colors, and enemies flying across the screen. What seems like a simple, easy app, quickly becomes a delightfully challenging activity that will keep you entertained for hours.

-Fire at enemies by tapping the screen, and get extra points. Or if you can, avoid them.

**Awesome, heart-pumping, high-powered NEON soundtrack** by producer John Florez

-Awesome star-burst level transitions - bounce on up to INFINITE levels!

-Hit powerups for extra points and other goodies ;)

-Mr. Circle changes colors! If he changes to blue, you'd better land on a blue box. If he changes to red, well, you'd best land on a red box.

-TILT. Turbo Bounce uses the accelerometer to control Mr. Circle. The game even automatically increases the sensitivity of the accelerometer as you progress so that its easier for new players, but gives the full scope of freedom to advanced gamers.

Unlock a fun little Panda that changes colors by sharing with your friends on Facebook!

-Planned for the future: new bouncing things - more characters, and a store to go shopping at.

-Family Friendly


Turbo Built LLC






22.1 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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