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uBookmark Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - uBookmark

Save all your bookmarks to uBookmark, and it will sync your bookmarks everywhere you need them.
$4.99 EXPIRÓ

Esta oferta de regalo ha expirado. uBookmark ya está disponible.

uBookmark, a Universal Bookmark Manager.

Save all your bookmarks to uBookmark, and it will sync your bookmarks everywhere you need them. it's clean, simple and easy to use.

Saving Bookmarks
To save a page, just select the “share button” and then select uBookmark.
Any bookmarks can be edited at anytime.
You can view a bookmark within the app or open it in Safari.

Organising Bookmarks
By default, you will have 12 collections to start with. Organise your bookmarks by adding them to those collections. You have the ability to create, edit or delete a collection.

The only thing that we care about is producing useful app for macOS and iOS. We do not collect and sell your personal information. In fact, we do not want to access your data at all. Every piece of your data is stored within CloudKit, which is encrypted with Apple's private keys, and we do not have access to the user’s credentials or sensitive data.

Pricing Model
uBookmark uses Paid Model, so you only pay once at $19.99*. This is a one-time payment and you can start using it for as long as you like. Comparing with other apps with subscription model, they seem to be cheaper at first, but you may end up paying more than $20* for only one year.
* The amount is shown in Australian Dollar. Price may vary by location.

Why uBookmark?
If you are a person who works with multiple devices and multiple browsers, you will understand how much time it can take to find your bookmarks. With uBookmark, your bookmarks stay in one place and you can access them with ease.
Unlike others, we care about your privacy. That's why we choose Apple's CloudKit, where your data will be stored and protected. We have no knowledge about your data.
Finally, with our Paid Pricing Model, you only pay once, which can save you more than other subscription apps.

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