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UFO Video Camera Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - UFO Video Camera

An ugmented reality camera that creates stunning, realistic looking UFO videos.
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UFO Video Camera
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UFO Video Camera is a simple to use, augmented reality camera that creates stunning, realistic looking UFO videos. Select any UFO effect and then aim the camera anywhere in the sky. Simply tap a single button to place the UFO and it will keep its position. Then hit record like any other camera app and anytime you point your camera at the sky your UFO will still be there!

This app creates ultra realistic UFO effects that appear as if they are really in the sky. UFO effects include: Fleet, Birther, Vortex, Exploding Moon, Triangular UFO Lights, Eclipse and more! There are UFO effects that work great in daylight and others in a night sky.

Some effects are simply looping animations in the sky and others can by triggered to start anytime while recording.

Also drag your UFO around with your finger while recording to make your UFO fly!


Outerspacious Software LLC






37.45 MB






iPhone, iPad

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