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V-CAF Stay Awake Stay Alert Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - V-CAF Stay Awake Stay Alert

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Integrates with the Health app to monitor your heart rate and subtly notifies you when you are most likely to be tired.

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Being tired whilst at work, studying or driving can be overwhelming and frustrating and can make you feel guilty or ashamed because you know that you’re not being as productive as you can be.

But there’s no need to feel guilty or ashamed! The fact is, that it really is overwhelming and frustrating to be working, studying or driving whilst tired. It’s your body’s way of warning you to stop before you harm yourself and/or others. And everybody has the same response, not just you!

You need the right tools to help you overcome and avoid your tiredness naturally without the use of chemicals that can be harmful to your body and make things worse.

The tools and information you need are waiting for you to download. Our app, V-CAF, which is available on watchOS, and works with the optional iOS and macOS versions, integrates with the Health app to monitor your heart rate and subtly notifies you when you are most likely to be tired and lose focus and alertness. We also have free articles about overcoming tiredness without resorting to caffeine at https://blog.v-caf.org.

V-CAF has and continues to work well for anyone who:
- Drinks coffee, tea or energy drinks and found that they don’t keep you as alert as they once did
- Wants to give up using caffeine as a stimulant to stay awake
- Often feels drowsy especially when trying to concentrate
- Needs to know when your tiredness is increasing and affecting the quality of your work
- Has been embarrassed when you’ve fallen asleep at the most inappropriate times
- Needs to stay awake

- Works with your body’s natural rhythm
- Subtly notifies your when you’re going to fall asleep or are tired
- A one-time payment costs approximately the same as a cup of coffee

- Avoid being embarrassed by your fatigue
- More accurately predict when you are drowsy
- Improve your mental and physical focus naturally

- Avoid the detrimental side effects of caffeine
- Invest in your wellbeing and self-care
- Gain confidence in your ability to estimate how tired you are

• V-CAF requires an APPLE WATCH to work as expected. The iPhone and Mac apps are companion apps to the APPLE WATCH app.
• V-CAF, like any app or substance is not an alternative to sleep, and as such, if you feel tired it is recommended that you get enough sleep to complete your tasks optimally. V-CAF only notifies you that you are about to sleep or are tired, so take the appropriate courses of action to get enough sleep.
• When downloading V-CAF from the iPhone App Store:
- Make sure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are paired
- Once downloading has completed on the iPhone, go to the Watch app on your iPhone
- When the Watch app opens, scroll to the AVAILABLE APPS section and locate V-CAF Stay Awake | Stay Alert
- Click the INSTALL button on the right hand side, next to V-CAF Stay Awake | Stay Alert
- V-CAF will then start installing on your Apple Watch

Visit us at https://blog.v-caf.org to find out more about caffeine’s effect on sleep and related issues.
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keepawakestaywoke/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VEECAF


My Unlimited Freedom Ltd


Health & Fitness




315.95 MB




English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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