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VDI nachrichten E-Paper Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - VDI nachrichten E-Paper

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An opinion-forming weekly newspaper for engineers and technical specialists and managers.
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VDI nachrichten E-Paper
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VDI nachrichten E-Paper - for tomorrow's technology trends.

VDI nachrichten is Germany's opinion-forming weekly newspaper for engineers and technical specialists and managers. Every Friday it offers facts and analyzes from technology, business and society.

VDI nachrichten reports on innovative technologies, economic framework conditions and social developments. It is the knowledge base for everyone who wants to reliably assess technical trends and their opportunities and risks.

The complete issue of VDI nachrichten is available for download on Friday morning.

Features include:

- Individual sales of the edition: € 4.49
- Login for e-paper subscribers
- Storage of the output on the device
- Read offline
- Switch between page layout and text mode
- Setting the font size in text mode
- Archive from issue 11/2011

In addition to the individual sale of issues, the following subscription model is available via iTunes:

12 months: € 129.99

After the agreed subscription period has expired, your iTunes subscription is automatically extended by 12 months. You can cancel up to 24 hours before the end of the term. To do this, deactivate the automatic renewal of the iTunes subscription in your user settings (iPad / iPhone settings: auto-renew to "off"). If the iTunes subscription is not canceled in due time, the subscription fees for the renewal will be debited from your iTunes account 24 hours before the start of your new subscription. The current iTunes subscription cannot be canceled within the selected term.

If you have any further questions about the subscription, please contact our customer service: by email at vertrieb@vdi-nachrichten.com or by phone at 0211 / 6188-441 or 0211 / 6188-159.

You can find our data protection regulations at: http://www.vdi-nachrichten.com/Datenschutzerklaerung

You can find our terms of use at: http://www.vdi-nachrichten.com/Nutzungsbedingungen

You can find more information at www.vdi-nachrichten.com.


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iPhone, iPad

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