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Visits Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Visits

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Visits gives you a new way to think about time management.
$2.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. Visits is now available on the regular basis.

Visits gives you a new way to think about time management. It builds a personal timeline & a map of all the places you've been. It’s automatic, energy efficient and private.

It runs in the background but does not drain your battery significantly. Simply close the app and just forget about it till you need to see where you've been. Visits is always working for you!

Anyone who travels from place to place can use Visits to find places they have been or track time to see their day better.

Your privacy is important.
With all your location data stored in the app we take your privacy really seriously. We do not collect your data and sell it to advertisers. Moreover Apple has put in strong protections throughout iOS to prevent other apps and outside forces to gain access to your location data and we rely on them to keep your data safe while on your device.

A note about the technology.
Visits relies on multiple technologies to automatically determine the places you visit. To preserve battery life certain trade offs are made with the accuracy of your visit. It generally takes a few days to adjust. You should keep Wi-fi and Bluetooth on and have good cellular reception to increase accuracy.

Visits is a useful tool to have.
Video professionals and Vloggers often travel to different locations to get the right shot, visits can help them keep track of all the locations they’ve been and how much time they’ve spent at each location.

Real estate agents and legal professionals work with many clients everyday, Visits allows them to keep a tab of all the locations and also to keep track of how much time they’ve spent at offsite meetings.

Carpenters, plumbers and electricians often travel to different homes everyday, Visits can help them keep track of all their job locations, how many times they’ve visited the same home and how much time they have spent at each place so they can manage their schedule better.

Main Features.
* Single price. No hidden in-app purchases or subscriptions.
* See a timeline of all the places you’ve been, as a list or on a map.
* See the duration of your visit and the number of times you’ve been there.
* Get directions to previous locations.
* Add custom names for all the places.
* Stop tracking specific locations.
* Remove a single visit.


Rohan Merchant






8.75 MB




English, German, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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