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Walk Before You Run - Lose It! Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Walk Before You Run - Lose It!

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Get active and achieve your fitness goals.
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Walk Before You Run - Lose It!
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Get active and achieve your fitness goals with guided walking plans for beginners created by fitness trainers and physical therapists with over 30 years of experience

Here's what's included with the app:

• Walk Before You Run turns your phone into a step counter/pedometer. By having your phone in your pocket the app can track your daily step count
• Map and track all your walks with GPS enabled map
• Record calories burned, distance walked, active time, and pace
• Track workout history, weekly progress, weekly walking statistics, and live workout statistics
• Workout plans developed by professionals with over 30 years of experience
• The only exercise app that lets you communicate with real fitness trainers & physical therapists to ask questions and get feedback
• Our professionals stay with you the entire time. Keeping you motivated and excited to stay active
• Stay on track, lose weight, reach your goals, and live happier.
• Share completed workouts with friends and family via social media
• Plans include both walking for the average Joe and Jane
• Divide your daily goal workouts into as many sessions per day as fits your schedule and ability. You don't have to complete your whole workout at once
• Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels let you find the perfect workout for your goals
• Apple Health integration for accurate step counting


Get Active. Reach Your Goals. Feel Happier!

Powerful Benefits To Real People
5/5 "I love this app. I lost weight almost every week using this walking app and it was fun to see my progress and challenge myself to improve each day. 5 stars"​

5/5 "I am retired now and do not walk as much as I used to. Since beginning this program, I sleep more soundly, have more energy and am excited to workout"

5/5 "An excellent app that's easy to use with helpful walking programs. It keeps me motivated and gives me a plan to follow. I use my Fitbit too to compete with friends"​

It doesn't take much exercise to have profound effects on motivation, happiness, energy, stress, and weight loss. Walk Before You Run by myFitnessSync is the ideal walking app for beginners, injury recovery, and anyone looking to get active - without running marathons

All you need is your phone and everything else you need is right inside you!

*Communicate Directly With Physical Therapists & Fitness Trainers*
Walk Before You Run is the only walking app that puts you into contact directly with professionals who have the experience and the expertise to help you get active, stay on track, lose weight, and live happier. Ask questions about injuries, pain, workouts, or warm-up exercises, and get personalized feedback - right from your phone!

*Feel Better From The Inside Out*
Many workout apps are focused on getting six pack abs or chiseled muscles. Walk Before You Run is focused on getting healthier, and getting your endorphins flowing so you FEEL GOOD! And everyone knows, you look your best when you feel your best

*Walking Is Easy*
Walk Before You Run gets you off your feet a few times a week with targeted exercises as simple as walking and stretching. The hardest part is getting started, and you're already there! Download the app and start today - walk for 10 minutes and feel amazing

*Slow Down & Simplify - Lose It!*
So many fitness apps today are focused on intense training, complicated schedules, and superficial goals. Walk Before You Run embraces minimalism to help you "lose it" - lose weight, lose anxiety, lose the extra clutter in your life and take simple steps to a clearer mind and healthier body

Come for a walk with us. You won't regret it.

Continued use of GPS walking in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

This app is developed for informational purposes only. You must always consult your physician or doctor before starting any fitness program


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Health & Fitness




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iPhone, iPad

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