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Walk routes by MeandR Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Walk routes by MeandR

Keep fit and get outside more with Meandr!
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Walk routes by MeandR
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Keep fit and get outside more with Meandr!

"The best iPhone apps of 2022, 2023" - TechRadar
"Make perfect walking and running routes" -
"Whether you're a seasoned walker or just starting out, why not take MeandR for a spin?" -

Whether you want to get fit or just need some motivation to get outdoors, Meandr can help. There is no pressure, just choose a distance and pace that suits you. Go as fast or as slow as you want, or just enjoy the walk!

You don’t even have to decide where to walk, as MeandR will automatically generate a random route at the distance you choose. Be adventurous and discover new routes around you!

Each attempt is recorded, including the distance, how long it took and how many steps. Look back at your stats and track your progress over time.

Choose how far and how fast and let Meandr generate a route at that distance. You can choose a circular route or you can choose a straight out route to a target.

For circular routes you can drag the waypoints around to create your own route. For straight out routes, you can choose where to put the target.

Drag the start point to wherever you want and MeandR will generate a circular route from there.

Each challenge is recorded. Look back through the history to see how you did, or look at the activity summary stats to see totals of distance and steps over the last 7 and 30 days, or all time. Each route you take is recorded so you can look back at it on a map.

* No pressure - choose a distance and pace that suits you
* Simple, fun interface designed to get you going in three taps
* Tracks the distance, time and number of steps for each challenge
* If you didn't finish a challenge, just find it in the history and replay it
* Unit of measurement can be set to kilometres or miles
* Map easily toggled between standard or satellite view
* Keep an eye on the gauges that show the timer and distance to the target
* As you walk, the route is plotted on the map in realtime
* As you get to each waypoint, you’ll get a notification and see it ticked off on the map
* Save your favourite routes with a name to recall later
* If you can't make it to a waypoint for any reason, but you're within 100 metres, just tap it on the map and head to the next one
* Generate a GPX file of your route that you can save or share


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Health & Fitness




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English, French, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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