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Wall Gallery Designer Lite Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Wall Gallery Designer Lite

The best gallery melds the decor of the room, its furnishings and its light with the picture layout, framing materials.

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The best gallery melds the decor of the room, its furnishings and its light with the picture layout, framing materials and pictures. But there are a zillion possibilities. To find the best. answer these questions with "Wall Gallery Designer Lite" and augmented reality:

• How big should my art be for display on my wall?
• What is the best color mat for my framed photo that fits the colors of my room?
• Would a narrow or wide frame face look better with my furniture?
• Where should I hang the framed picture?
• Should the colors in my photo be tuned to work better with my decor?
• How should I arrange my art on the wall?
• How do I record and track designs?

Your wall gallery design is art. It takes thought and time to get it right. Preview it before investing in frames.

Using augmented reality, you create and display arranged pictures on the screen anywhere, even outdoors with only a few minutes work. With a few taps, pictures are quickly rearranged, frame sizes, colors and material can be switched, and mat styles, colors and window sizes can be changed.

Each arrangement is a scene within a gallery. Instantly switch scenes within a gallery to compare different designs for a wall. Create separate galleries for different clients or locations.

Share photos from your Photos or Lightroom® Library to the app via the share sheet and find the best stock frames, mats and print sizes for art on your walls in your room and with your colors.

Millions of mat and frame combinations are stocked in stores. Choosing sizes and colors in bad lighting in a store, instead of on the wall where the framed picture will hang, often fails because it clashes with room decor.

When you explore possibilities with “Wall Gallery Designer Lite” in the place where it will be displayed, you are more likely to choose an excellent print size, mat and frame with less hassle, saving time, money and stress.

In "Wall Gallery Designer Lite", you choose the colors and sizes of the mats and frames from common ones similar to those stocked in stores in the US or custom colors. You can even pickup colors from the room or picture to use on frames, mats, ​and walls.

You can choose to "hang" pictures without mats and/or frames to visualize how float, frameless, canvas or glass pictures might display on your wall in standard or custom size windows. When you are considering art already in a custom frame, add its photo to your camera roll, then choose a frame with a frame face size of 'none'.

To minimize fatigue you freeze reality and complete your scene design without pointing your device at the wall. With reality frozen, the background contains the last image captured, while the design capabilities remain active so you can move and change framed pictures as usual. When the design is complete, tap the restart button and reposition the scene with your completed design.

"Wall Gallery Designer Lite" is an augmented reality app for iPhone 6s and later as well as 2017 iPads and later that use the A9 chip or better. Using your phone's camera, it takes photos from your Photo Library and frames them in virtual picture frames that you color, mat and position on the wall.

Compared to "Wall Gallery Designer Lite", the Pro-Version of "Wall Gallery Designer" has these additional capabilities:
• Frozen Reality™
• Frozen Viewpoints™
• Color Triage™
• Color recommendations for mats based on the colors in framed pictures
• Persistent Scenes and Galleries
• Exporting archived Galleries and Scenes
• Double matting
• Float framing and clip frames
• 4- and 8-ply mats
• Fast single tap color and framing changes with MultiMenu controls
• Custom mat, frame and wall colors, and sizes
• Frame and mat colors can be picked from room furnishings
• Move frames to guide
• More than one wall in a scene
• and more...

Visit http://WallGalleryDesigner.com for more about "Wall Gallery Designer" and "Wall Gallery Designer Lite".


George Purvis III


Photo & Video




98.17 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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