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WallPicture2 - Art room design Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - WallPicture2 - Art room design

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Helps artists, photographers and designers to present their artworks to customers in a professional way!
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WallPicture2 - Art room design
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The WallPicture App helps artists, photographers and designers to present their artworks to customers in a professional way. It allowes to design art, canvas, photography or paintings on more than 140 default backgrounds of interior rooms. The WallPicture App has many various features like adjustable shadow, mat, real frames, move art behind items, full rotation, set and hide real dimensions and is convenient for all formats and shapes of artworks. The app is easy to use and it became to be a very efficient artists´tool around the world.


• Use a gallery of 35 default stylish interiors*
• Capture/import a photography of your own wall and use it as a background*.
• Walls Marketplace: get 100+ walls in the in-app purchases*.
• Vote for new walls. We add 3 new walls a month.
• Projects - awesome feature to create more possibilities*.
• Create mat and frame around your artwork.
• Adjust the shadow (angle, intensity, radius)
• Use real frames: Wooden, aluminium, vintage.
• Cutout the background of your art and place on walls artworks of all possible shapes.
• Apply many well-known effects like black and white, sepia, cross process.
• Place on walls as many pictures as you want.
• Set ratio or size of your picture (inch, cm).
• Hide or show the measurements label.
• Rotate your artwork (smooth full 360degree rotation or 4 x 90 degree rotation)
• Move art behind items.
• Export and share your final design with clients via Email, Message, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
*(available in the PRO version)


• Easy to use
• Friendly
• Simple
• Unique features
• Effective
• Wide offer of walls


The PRO version of the app is a one-time payment. For this price you get all functions, the ability to import your own/clients walls, the access to the Walls Marketplace with over 100 walls and also 35 default walls included in the app.
Discover over 100 walls in the in-app purchases. And that´s not all because we add 36 new walls a year (regularly 3 walls a month). You can buy these additional walls one by one or in many various credits or subscription options.


Credits – lifetime, one-time payment

1 credit = 1 wall. 0.99 USD
5 credits = 5 walls, 4.99 USD
10 credits = 10 walls, 8.99 USD
20 credits = 20 walls, 17.99 USD
50 credits = 50 walls, 39.99 USD

Subscriptions – ALL WALLS

Monthly 4.99 USD
Yearly 39.99 USD
Lifetime 89.99 USD (one-time payment)

If you are not satisfied with the WallPicture App at any time in the first 30 days, just let us know and we will give you a full refund.

CONTACT US FOR HELP… at anytime!

Simply send us DM on Instagram @wallpictureapp.
Or get in touch with us via email: contact@wallpictureapp.com.
We will get back to you very quickly.

Website: https://www.wallpictureapp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wallpictureapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wallpictureapp


Designed by a photographer Milan Zarecky


Milan Zarecky


Photo & Video




137.66 MB






iPhone, iPad

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