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Wattulator Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Wattulator

Calculates the approximate electricity cost of running electrical appliances and compares usage scenarios.
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Calculates the approximate electricity cost of running electrical appliances and compares usage scenarios.

- Enter the cost per Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)
- Enter the number of hours per day in use
- Enter amps, watts or kilowatts, volts
- Enter the power factor, (use 100% if unknown)

- Tap the amps lock to toggle the lock setting. When amps is locked, volts will vary when watts is changed. When amps is not locked, amps will vary when watts is changed.

- Enter two such usage scenarios and compare to see how much is saved by switching to an energy saving appliance.

- The cost per hour, day, month, and year is calculated and displayed, based on hours per day usage.

The cost is only approximate, due to several factors:

- Cost per kWh is generally tiered by most power providers. Enter cost for the desired tier, but recognize that actual costs may be different depending on your power company's billing policies and total energy consumed.

- Power Factor is an estimate because appliance manufacturers don't typically specify a value. An incandescent light has about 100% power factor. An electric motor is in the range of 60% - 80%.


David Holzer






22.23 MB






iPhone, iPad

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