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WiFi-Wireless Network Housekeeper Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - WiFi-Wireless Network Housekeeper

Stabilize and control wireless network access.
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WiFi-Wireless Network Housekeeper
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【Product introduction】
       韭黄WiFi is committed to providing users with a safer and more stable Internet service, helping users to maximize the use of a variety of connected mobile services. And use security detection, security protection and other mechanisms to protect your Internet security at all times.
       韭黄WiFi is also a real-time news headline reading app, which has a hot headline, interesting headlines, star gossip, live broadcast, sports events, car fun reviews, technology digital, fashion entertainment, connotation, welfare map, Health food, weight loss book, constellation numerology, financial and dry goods, etc., bring you hot topic and local information in a timely manner, CCTV news is at hand, when you are bored, there are more funny, entertainment and other exciting videos waiting for you to watch, let you even more Enjoy reading and enjoy an efficient mobile reading platform.

[Features] One million connections across the country's shared WiFi hotspots, real-time protection of Internet security.
[Intelligent recommendation] Intelligent algorithm big data platform, to provide you with a private custom reading point of view, but also a small series of 24 hours to keep, uninterrupted real-time rolling update, global Western Oriental headlines hot Tencent news, Phoenix News, Netease news broke the day 24-hour fresh delivery.
[Boutique video] film and television funny entertainment game life, covering thousands of wonderful short videos, provincial traffic vibrating fast hand short video, no advertising micro-vision second shot volcano small video has everything, connotation paragraph funny hot fun anecdote one-click to watch, online fast live broadcast every day There are newsletters to see.


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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