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Wild Unicorn Animal Stickers Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Wild Unicorn Animal Stickers

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Meet the Wild Animal Unicorn Squad Stickers!
$0.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. Wild Unicorn Animal Stickers is now available on the regular basis.

Meet the Wild Animal Unicorn Squad Stickers!

This pack tells a story about a unicorn fox which was feeling lonely, so she went on a quest to find if there are any other unicorns out there. She traveled far away in the lands long time forgotten, where she met her first friend, the octopus. Then, more joined time by time; some were grumpy, weird or friendly, but different from their own kind.

•Get the full unicorn pack and meet all the friends reunited!
•Constantly updated with new and amazing characters.
•Download once, love them forever.

How to use iMessage Stickers:
•Launch the iMessage App on your iPhone or iPad device
•Tap the App Store icon to open the app drawer
•Swipe left or right to select your favorite sticker pack (The Wild Unicorn Squad)
•Tap and hold the sticker then drag it into the chat. Congrats!

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Luis Augusto Veras






1.64 MB






iPhone, iPad

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