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WizzJ - Music Visualizer Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - WizzJ - Music Visualizer

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WizzJ is a cutting-edge music visualizer for high-end iOS devices.
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WizzJ - Music Visualizer
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WizzJ is a cutting-edge music visualizer for high-end iOS devices. It fully exploits the latest advances in graphic processors to create a flow of animated generative art. The animations are synced with the beat and texture of the music being played from your music library. If no music is playing, WizzJ can capture input from the microphone.

WizzJ represents a new generation in the art of music visualization!

Download WizzJ for free and enjoy a fully functional preview of the available 30 styles, each providing a unique and immersive experience:
A Flower of Life, Alien Speak, Ancient Glyphs, Beat Tunnel, Breeze of Oil, Brick Islands, Color Wand, Cricumpunct, Crystal's World, Dancing Blobs, Disco Sun, Entwined, Girl's Best Friend, LP's Revenge, Matrix, Neon Ice, Ocean, OneHundredEiiigghtyyyy, Phoenix, Pop Art Dive, Puzzled, Rainbow's Birth, SpeedBeat, T-Rex's Skin, Tentacles, The Beauty Within, Threesome, Wanna Kiss?, Wave Dance, Wheel of Color.

WizzJ uses Apple's built-in media player and can thus access your existing songs and playlists.
In contrast to most other visualizers, WizzJ analyzes the sound of played songs without using the microphone; hence you can enjoy WizzJ even with headsets.
Note: Apple does not allow to analyze streamed music. Thus, only music saved on your device and played through the internal iOS audio player is supported. Unfortunately, Apple Music, Spotify et al can therefore not be supported.

WizzJ can support the device's native display resolution for a detailed and crystal clear presentation. Activate this feature in the Settings App if you have a powerful device.

You can easily create your own music videos by capturing WizzJ's animations with QuickTime and your Mac.

Videos and more info can be found on the "Developer Website".

Customer comments:
***** Unbelievable Music App
"Best music app so far in iTunes Store. Can't go wrong with this one."

***** Beyond beautiful
"I just downloaded WizzJ on my iPhone 6 Plus, and I really wanted to express my gratitude for this app. The graphics are beyond beautiful and amazing."

***** 5 stars for sure!
"I am delighted to look at the magnific moving designs while listening to my own music. Very Impressed by the various choice of fascinating designs available too. Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful app. It is worth to see it, I am sure that you will enjoy !!!"

***** Unique to iOS, beautiful visualizer
"Beautifully crafted automata to match your music. Few apps are made in iOS for generative visualizations and this is by far the best quality; maybe the only app with a very select choices of algorithms/colorizations!"

***** Finally a real visualizer!
"Been looking exactly for this! Now if only it had the nice equalizer functions of a couple other apps - and if it would just play my playlists! Other than that! Six stars. You heard me six stars. Love it!"

***** Love it
"I'm in love with this app!"

Supported Gestures:
- one finger double-tap: show/hide player
- two finger single-tap: show/hide styles list
- two finger swipe right/left: next/previous style
- two finger swite down: pause/resume animation
- three finger single-tap: screenshot

System requirements:
- iPhone 8 or higher
- iPad 5th generation or higher
- iPad Air 3rd generation or higher
- iPad mini 5th generation or higher

To enable devices without microphone for AirPlay or Bluetooth headphones disable the microphone input by tapping the microphone icon.


Joachim Wolffram






8.85 MB




English, German


iPhone, iPad

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