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Words Command Line Jumble! Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Words Command Line Jumble!

Play a world of words with Word Command Line Jumble!
$4.99 EXPIRÓ

Esta oferta de regalo ha expirado. Words Command Line Jumble! ya está disponible.

Play a world of words with Word Command Line Jumble! Explore categories, win scores, become top on leaderboards. No ads, No In-App Purchases, lifetime use, just fun with scenic backdrops!

Words Command Line Jumble! is more than just a game – it's a relaxing escape into the world of words, filled with challenges, achievements, plays music and serene natural beauty. Ready to test your word-guessing skills and enjoy an experience like no other? Join the adventure today!

Key Features:
Diverse Word Categories: Embark on a diverse word-guessing adventure with numerous categories. Whether you're unscrambling fruits, navigating through countries, or exploring the animal kingdom, every round is a new challenge.

Hints and Skips: Feeling stuck? Use hints to get a sneak peek at the answer or skip challenging words altogether. These lifelines are there to assist you in your quest for word mastery.

Dynamic Scoring System: Keep track of your progress with a dynamic scoring system. Celebrate milestones with bonus points as you hit 50 and 100 scores, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Global Leaderboard: Showcase your word-solving prowess on a global stage. Climb the leaderboard by competing with players around the world and etch your name in the hall of fame.

Unlimited Gameplay: Enjoy endless hours of fun with unlimited gameplay. No ads to interrupt your word journey – just pure, uninterrupted playtime.

Stunning Backgrounds: Enhance your gaming experience with beautiful background images of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, bringing the tranquility of nature right to your screen.

Interactive Sound Experience: Immerse yourself in the game with background music that sets the mood. Prefer a quieter environment? Simply mute the sound to focus solely on the words.

History at a Glance: Keep track of your correctly guessed words with a global history feature, adding a sense of accomplishment to your gaming experience.


Laurand Osmeni






46.72 MB






iPhone, iPad

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