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Yoa - Short Mobile Videos Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Yoa - Short Mobile Videos

Best alternative for TikTok creators. 

This giveaway offer has been expired. Yoa - Short Mobile Videos is now available on the regular basis.

Best alternative for TikTok creators. 
Grow a group of followers with just a few videos and if you want you can also create a videogame-like interactive story in minutes with your short videos! Share them with friends or the public and let them play your interactive story game. Yoa is the new trending video app where you decide where to go or what to do like in a videogame. And all this for free.


Edit videos, tweak the content, add excitement, or drama, and make your own story game. You can share your stories and build an audience on Yoa, as well as on other social media.

Videos in Yoa are not just linear, they can be interactive if you want to, a game-like experience meaning you must make decisions while watching them like:

Pet the dog, grab that apple, run, wear those sneakers, eat that cake or watch a tutorial just to mention a few...
But the possibilities are limitless.

The limit is your imagination.
Also, we don't want to limit your options that is why you can share links to whatever you want:
* Your social media (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter...)
* Your online store
* Your favorite pizza place
* Your secret lair
* The dog shelter next to your home

Go on! Create your first video in a few seconds or make it interactive with a couple more clicks, share it with the world, and be a part of this new innovative way of entertainment where you choose your own adventure.

Engage more customers, listeners, or get more attention for you and your brand. Don’t miss the new trend in mobile entertainment.


Yoa is a new global community where people can create, share, and discover interactive and engaging stories from all over the world. We have unique story creators just like you. Meaning you can discover true interactive & creative entertainment. Connect with other users, capture your world, chat and grow your network.

Unlike the classic story creation, here you can find choose your own adventures. We like to call it the new generation of entertainment and interactive gaming.

Get Yoa now and Interact with objects, animals, places or people:
* Choose where to go
* Try different paths
* Meet new creators all over the world

Unlike traditional social networks that feature photos, videos, short clips when you view a user profile, Yoa features innovative choose your story interactive videos.

Download the new video game maker & choose your own story creator now!


Marta Gonzalez






31.01 MB




English, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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