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ZOE - Video Player Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ZOE - Video Player

Convert/Play/Cache video on iOS 9.0+

Questo giveaway è scaduto. ZOE - Video Player è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

Convert/Play/Cache video on iOS 9.0+

*** Decrypt single TS video with AES-128 method

*** Convert Movpkg to mp4

*** Decrypt m3u8 or movpkg
1. Support decrypt key setting for m3u8 or movpkg
2. If selected "Use decrypt key of video",The decrypt key will use URI of m3u8 eg.#EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="asdfghjkl.key"
3. If selected custom key's name, eg. "key.key". The decrypt key will be http://*/key.key or https://*/key.key

*** custom video player fo webview
1. Playback speed control:0.5x~2.0x
2. Cache manager,if you watch online videos with 4G or 5G, maybe you will love this feature
3. Cache progress and status , if task failed, user can retry or delete
4. Support setting the number of videos to be downloaded at the same time as 1 or 2
5. Support auto cache or manual cache .if you turned off "Auto cache video" Switch of settings ,please tap "Cache" button of video detail to cache video
6. Cache file manager. Tap "Clear cache" cell of settings to clear all cache files, or delete one cache file on "Cached Videos" page
7. Add setting item on settings:auto clear cookie when launch app,default value is yes.

***Local video player
1. movpkg, rmvb, avi, mkv, mp4, flv, wmv, 3gp, mov, vob, dvd, swf, rm, ts
2. Convert video to mp4 file with one command .then you maybe want to export to Photos.app
3. Import videos with iTunes or Wi-Fi
4. Support system share extension:“open in” 及 “copy to”
5. if your iPhone or iPad 's software version is iOS 11+,you can use use Files app to manage videos (Copy Move or Delete) ,and use Airdrop share videos(rmvb、avi、mkv、flv、wmv)from another device (computer、iPhone 、iPad )

***Private videos
1. Unlock with Pattern
2. Unlock with Biometrics

***Library video
1. Direct play video of Photo.app ,needn’t import to app
2. Manager videos with albums of system
3. Support iOS 14


ruquan zhang






74.24 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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