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100VJ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - 100VJ

Instantaneously output your videos via wireless connections.
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VJ stands for video jockey. This casual VJ in your pocket if you will – can instantaneously output your videos via wireless connections. You can seamlessly switch between two videos of your choice and project it on the fly.

VJing used to require many gears to maneuver in the past, but with this app, all you need is an iPhone or iPad! Better yet, if you have an Apple TV or a Mac.

As for the clips and videos, you can always go on iTunes and buy videos, use another app to download apps, use AirDrop via Mac or PC, or simply shoot & edit one on your own. We encourage you to max out on your creativity on that part! Sky is the only limit!

All those clips and videos you see that are stored on your phone are all accessible through this app, and it of course includes your favorites list and your personal albums.

~ Playback ~

You can select each of the decks by double tapping on the rectangular preview box in the middle row. By tapping the video or image of your choice, that video or image gets loaded on to the deck and will start playing. Swiping up is unload the asset.

~ Mix ~

By panning the large preview window from top to bottom with your finger, you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen. Panning from left to right does the same thing as controlling the fader on your mixer. Tapping instead of panning allows you to instantaneously jump to the fader/brightness value, or simply called “cutting”.

~ Config ~
By long pressing gear icon to show setting view.

There are several other gestures, because so find it.

It’s time to lay down some sick clips!

To send frames to Syphon, use designated application please. see-

If you have any questions, ask me at SupportPage please.


Narumi Inada


Photo & Video




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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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