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Audanika Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Audanika

Audanika turns any iPad or iPhone into a unique digital musical instrument.
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Audanika turns any iPad or iPhone into a unique digital musical instrument. Touch the screen and create beautiful melodies, including harmonic accompaniment.

From now on, you can also play well-known Christmas songs on the Audanika. Clearly visible playing instructions show you exactly what to do.

In addition to a selection of free songs such as "Jingle Bells" or "Silent Night", you will find an album with 100 internationally known Christmas songs in the media library. More albums of various genres are in the works.

The playing surface of the Audanika visualizes two fundamental music theories: In the horizontal direction, it depicts the so-called step theory, and in the vertical direction, it depicts the function theory. So you don't just play "mindless" songs. Instead, you implicitly learn essential basics of harmony theory while playing the Audanica and thereby learn musical secrets that are not visible on any other instrument. With the knowledge you gain, you can eventually compose your melody and chord progressions or improvise on your classical instrument.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Audanika:

* Relax a bit during a bus ride or in nature by replaying one of the songs and letting the pleasant harmonic sound wash over you.
* Have your children play songs on Audanika and build a bridge for them to learn a real instrument later.
* As a senior, you can finally realize your dream with Audanika and learn a musical instrument even later.
* As a teacher or educator, use your iPad class set and play one of the built-in free songs with your class.
* As a music theory teacher, you can clearly use Audanika to explain harmony's basics.
* As a music student, you can use Audanika to try out many harmonic relations, no matter what instrument you are playing.
* As a music therapist, empower your clients to express their emotions rhythmically and tonally but finally on a melodic and harmonic level.
* As an occupational therapist, creatively motivate your clients to train their hand-eye coordination at different levels with Audanika.
* Churches, congregations, and social communities already use Audanika to accompany singing or to enrich events musically. It can also be used to enhance Advent and Christmas services.
* Special educators can use the Audanika to allow people with difficulty integrating to participate in existing music groups.
* As a musician, DJ, producer, or songwriter, you can use the Audanika as a MIDI controller and compose interesting chord and melody progressions through all keys.

In summary, Audanika is a unique musical instrument that inspires joy in making music, looks at harmonics and music theory from a whole new perspective, integrates people into musical processes, and provides a new means of emotional expression and non-verbal communication.


Grace Cloud GmbH






66.79 MB




English, German, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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