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Uitgelichte app voor iPhone/iPad

Atmospheric by Swackett® Giveaway
vandaag gratis
A classic, hand-crafted weather observation app created by Swackett.
Windows Giveaway
vandaag gratis
Een krachtige pictogram en afbeeldingen generator voor mobiele en desktop-applicaties.

iPhone dagaanbiedingen »

Http Traffic - Sniffer&Capture Giveaway

Http Traffic - Sniffer&Capture

Support packet capturin, data statistics and summary.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Picture To Text App Pro Giveaway

Picture To Text App Pro

Text recognition in 10+ languages!
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Superb IQ - What's My IQ? Giveaway

Superb IQ - What's My IQ?

What is Your IQ?
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Learning games for kids - Bee Giveaway

Learning games for kids - Bee

The one and only educational game about bees and pollinators.
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Aeroplane Chess 3D - Childhood Giveaway

Aeroplane Chess 3D - Childhood

For childhood classic games, Ludo/Flying / Aeroplane chess must be the one.
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Christmas Wallpaper √ Giveaway

Christmas Wallpaper √

A set of Christmas-thmed wallpapers.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Ruler Box Giveaway

Ruler Box

Do you want to learn how to use the rulers?
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
DreamTunes - Music Visualizer Giveaway

DreamTunes - Music Visualizer

Love music? DreamTunes is a gorgeous visualizer!
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Funnel Giveaway


Hourly audio news summaries from outlets like BBC, NPR, WSJ, CBC, VOA, Fox...
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Word Mess Giveaway

Word Mess

Zoek Engels woorden, rijmpjes en categorieën.
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Break Brick Out Giveaway

Break Brick Out

An arcade game about destroying colorful bricks.
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Awesome Baby Tracker Premium Giveaway

Awesome Baby Tracker Premium

A flexible input system that allows you to record everything about your...
$3.99 ➞ vandaag gratis

Game Giveaway

Unveil the mysteries of the magic book and find the hidden clade!

Android dagaanbiedingen »

Pro Status Downloader Giveaway
Pro Status Downloader enables you to save all Video & Image Status.
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Slayaway Camp: 1980's Horror Puzzle Fun! Giveaway
Become Skullface, a psycho slasher bent on slaughtering campers in this darkly comic puzzle game homage to 80’s.
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Cartoon Dungeon VIP Giveaway
Your Heroes continue to battle even while you are away!
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Tiiight: Reminders & Notes Giveaway
A reminders assistant with note editing.
$1.49 ➞ vandaag gratis