Iedere dag bieden wij GRATIS software met licentie waarvoor je normaliter moet betalen!

iPhone dagaanbiedingen

Resize Picture Giveaway

Resize Picture

Quickly resize and compress multiple photos at once to save your device...
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Memorize: CSAT Vocabulary Giveaway

Memorize: CSAT Vocabulary

CSAT vocabulary flashcards picked by experts.
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Memorize: Learn Korean Words Giveaway

Memorize: Learn Korean Words

An AI-based study App for learning and memorizing Korean & TOPIK vocabulary.
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Girl Glitter Wallpaper - HD Giveaway

Girl Glitter Wallpaper - HD

Glitter Wallpapers is for girls It will make your phone look girly.
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Dexteria Dots 2: Fine Motor Giveaway

Dexteria Dots 2: Fine Motor

A unique way to learn math concepts!
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Colorize - Improve Old Photos Giveaway

Colorize - Improve Old Photos

Black and white coloring app that will amaze you.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
SnapFun Pro Giveaway

SnapFun Pro

Show the world your magic via amazing looking collages you have never seen...
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Interesting Numbers Giveaway

Interesting Numbers

Baby's math game.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Kindergarten Preschool Games Giveaway

Kindergarten Preschool Games

A fun and engaging way for kids aged one to six to prepare for kindergarten...
$4.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Visual Piano Giveaway

Visual Piano

Realistic piano sound including dynamic reverb and audio effects.
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
HibiDo Pro: Todo Calendar Note Giveaway

HibiDo Pro: Todo Calendar Note

HibiDo is a powerful to-do, task management, calendar and note organizer...
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
7 Minute TV Workout Giveaway

7 Minute TV Workout

Take a break for 7 minutes and be fit.
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Date Night Questions Giveaway

Date Night Questions

Flip through cards and take turns answering questions to get to know your...
$3.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
iSequence HD Giveaway

iSequence HD

iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed...
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Dumbell: Health and Fitness Giveaway

Dumbell: Health and Fitness

Dumbell provides you with an extensive array of exercise options that cater...
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
ASL Baby Sign language Giveaway

ASL Baby Sign language

Learn to communicate with your baby way before the talking starts, using...
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
DayCost Giveaway


Three seconds a bill.
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Check Yo Self! Giveaway

Check Yo Self!

Check Yo Self is a platform for Creative Communities.
$2.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
DrawTextPath Giveaway


DrawTextPath can help you quickly generate text path tracing animation...
$1.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Rogue Hearts Giveaway

Rogue Hearts

A modern reinterpretation of a rogue-like dungeon crawler.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Windows Giveaway
$9.99 per month
vandaag gratis
Betrouwbare oplossing voor gegevensbescherming en noodherstel.

Game Giveaway

Pet Show Craze
Have you ever dreamt of opening a pet beauty salon?

Android dagaanbiedingen »

Perfect Moon Giveaway
Perfect Moon is a platform game which blends a unique art style with crazy gravitational physics and addictive game play.
$1.01 ➞ vandaag gratis
Violin tuner Giveaway
Basic tuner for musicians: the instrument is tuned by ear.
$0.99 ➞ vandaag gratis
Brain Game - Find5x 4P Giveaway
You will love the exciting new card game Find5x 4P that makes you think.
$2.49 ➞ vandaag gratis