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Big Ben Alarm Clock Bells Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Big Ben Alarm Clock Bells

Bring the landmark of Britain and perhaps the most famous clock in the world.
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Big Ben Alarm Clock Bells
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Bring the landmark of Britain and perhaps the most famous clock in the world. The Big Ben clock has gone quite for many years for repairs but it doesn't mean that you cannot hear it famous bell again. Download this app and bring the beautiful sounds of Big Ben right in your home & lives!

Impress family and friends with this app. Your guest will be thrilled to hear it!

• ABSOLUTELY NO ADS. (IAP required to unlock features)
• Most realistic looking Big Ben clock app available in app store! We are the ONLY clock app of its kind for iPhone/iPad/iTouch.
• App can be set in landscape or portrait modes. Clock and image adjusts automatically
• If you set the alarm time and put this app in the background by pushing home button or turning it off, it will still sound the alert and Big Ben rings will go off.
• Hourly Bell chimes go off even if the app is in background
• Extremely easy to use interface.
• Hear Big Ben rings at every hour of the day. The rings correspond exactly to the hour i.e. hear 2 rings at 2:00am/pm or 6 rings at 6:00am/6:00pm and so on. How cool is that?!
• Hour and Minute hands move exactly how you would expect with a real Big Ben clock
• You can set the alarm for any time of the day
• Icon to show if Alarm is ON or OFF
• Options to hit Snooze or Awake buttons
• Hourly Bell chimes can be heard whether the app is background or foreground. (IAP required)
• Put this clock on device docking cradle and just get mesmerized by hourly chimes. Your guest and friends will be thrilled to hear it!

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Saliha Bhutta






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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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