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ChatterBoards AAC Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ChatterBoards AAC

The cheapest AAC app compared to others offering the same features.
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ChatterBoards AAC
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The cheapest AAC app compared to others offering the same features.
Chatterboards was professionally developed, in collaboration with Speech Therapists and end users, with the aim of providing people in need with an AAC app that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars or require monthly subscriptions.

ChatterBoards is an easy to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aid for people of any age who have speech or language difficulties. This can include people with autism, aphasia, apraxia, stroke, downs syndrome, or any other disability that causes the individual to have difficulties in communicating or expressing their needs.

Continually updated with new features and enhancements. All suggestions and/or requests are considered.

Full feature list:

- Create and use vocabulary boards, including multiple paged vocabularies, for forming sentences.
- Board levels. Levels provide a way to progressively build up a user's vocabulary. A limited set of words can be displayed at each level, progressively building up the number of words shown until the full board is used. Words/Tiles do not move position between boards, allowing users to remember and learn a number of words at a time without them moving.
- Create and use basic phrase boards which associate a basic full phrase/sentence to an individual button, providing quick responses or questions for basic communication needs.
- Ability to create and switch between different profiles, each with their own set of boards and settings. Ideal for households with multiple users, or specialists with multiple clients.
- All board dimensions supported up to and included 16x16 (rows x columns) per page.
- Fully customisable buttons. Change their text, colour (border and background), image and audio playback
- Change a buttons image from either your devices photo library, camera, or from over 4000 sample symbols.
- Includes over 3500 symbols provided by Mulberry Symbols (
- Includes over 500 symbols designed by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon.
- Save images from the internet, or from your own symbol libraries, into your photo library for use.
- Supports text-only and image-only buttons.
- Fully customisable button audio. Use the Text to Speech synthesiser or record your own voice(s) using your devices microphone.
- Keyboard input mode. Alternatively to using symbols, manually enter desired vocabulary with keyboard input.
- Text to Speech supports all iOS packaged languages (over 50 languages/dialects). Includes multiple male and female voices for English.
- Change rate, pitch and/or volume of Text to Speech synthesiser.
- Set App wide voice/language, rate, pitch and volume default values for the Text to Speech synthesiser.
- Fully customisable boards. Change dimensions anytime, add, delete and move buttons as desired.
- Copy existing boards to create new permutations
- Copy/paste individual tiles
- Share boards with other users of ChatterBoards. Use Apple AirDrop, Mail, Message, or any other valid installed application on your device.
- The ability to lock controls, e.g. editing. Like a parental control.
- Supports both iPhone and iPad

Also a number of Arasaac Symbols are included as samples (approx. 20).
These pictograms used are property of Aragon Goberment and have been created by Sergio Palao to ARASAAC ( which distribute them under Creative Commons License (BY-NC-SA)


Paul Popiel






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iPhone, iPad

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