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CoinsNote - Easy Cost Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - CoinsNote - Easy Cost

Coins Note is a personal bookkeeping app,
$1.99 vandaag gratis

CoinsNote - Easy Cost
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Bookkeeping is an indispensable part of personal financial management, which should be a simple and easy thing. However, the market is full of many complex bookkeeping applications, which are powerful, but too complex to adhere to.

Coins Note is a personal bookkeeping app, with a simple and elegant user interface, and attaches great importance to the operation experience, committed to making bookkeeping into your living habits.

Main advantage:

1. Humanized gesture operation, smoother to use
Unlike similar apps on the market that create new entries by pulling down, this app uses swipe left or right to start bookkeeping. By swiping left and right, you can also switch the current date.

2.Intelligent matching tags, faster bookkeeping
You don't need to deliberately set the consumer category tag, because the app has a self-learning function, it will remember your bookkeeping records and automatically help you match the tab next time. In most cases, you only need:
(1) Gesture swipe
(2) Enter the amount
(3) Finish
You don’t even need 3 seconds to add a expense record.

3. iCloud synchronization, data more secure
The system supports synchronization, but you don't need to register for an account. Your data will not be sent to our server. You can rest assured that your data will not be seen by others.

4.Simple and easy to use interactive interface, easier to get started
The user interface adopts a unique solid color design, which is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also concise and clear, so that you can easily operate it. Our goal is to let you develop the habit of bookkeeping without any guidance.

5. Exquisite and practical statistical graph, more comprehensive analysis
Do you often lack money, but don’t know where you spent it? With the help of bar charts and pie charts, you can not only track your daily expenses and understand your consumption behavior, but you can also develop targeted future consumption plans to save unnecessary expenses.

6. Use Widget to build your Home Screen budget system
No need to enter the app, you can track your expenditure and budget information at any time through the Widget.

Unlike similar products that emphasize more functions, we always adhere to the design principle of "less is more". After continuous improvement, continuous addition and deletion, finally, this application was born.

Thank you for using this app. If you love it, please give it a good review.


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iPhone, iPad

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