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culur: Custom Color by Number Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - culur: Custom Color by Number

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Turn any photo into a printable Color by Number quickly and easily!

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Turn any photo into a printable Color by Number quickly and easily! Enjoy endless hours of fun turning YOUR pictures into Color by Number masterpieces!

What is culur?
Culur is an app that allows you to turn your own images instantly into a printable Color by Number! Watch as your favorite pictures are transformed into artistic masterpieces before your very eyes! Effortlessly upload a photo from your phone and with a few easy clicks quickly create your customized Color by Number. Simply select the image you wish to color, your preferred set of colored pencils/crayons, your desired difficulty, and let culur do the rest! The entire process takes less than a minute with easy printing directly from the app. Create beautiful and customized Color by Numbers art of your family, friends, pets, and even beloved cartoons. Great for both adults and kids!

What is a Color by Number?
- Your picture is transformed into a colorless image that is split up into sections, each of which has a designated number.
- A color legend is provided, specifying which color corresponds to each number on the image.
- You color in each section as indicated to reveal beautiful colorful artwork, created by you!

Unique Key Features:
- Turn YOUR photos into a Color by Number in less than a minute!
- Create UNLIMITED Color by Numbers.
- Print/Share/Save your Color by Number directly in the app!
- No subscriptions, in app purchases or hidden fees!
- Works for all types of images including photos you took, scenery, cartoons, logos, picture of celebrities, etc

YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY A COLORING BOOK AGAIN!!! No other app allows you to turn YOUR photos into a Color by Number and print them directly from the app. This one-time purchase can translate into hours of entertainment for adults and kids, endless date night ideas, and countless activities with friends!

Steps to use the app:
1. Upload or take a photo in the app
2. Select the set of colored pencils, markers or crayons you wish to use (i.e., 60 pack of colored pencils)
3. Select the difficulty
4. Select if the uploaded image is a cartoon or not
5. Generate your Color by Number
6. Print your Color by Number
7. Color and enjoy!

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English, French, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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