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Dalmoji- Dalmatian Emojis and Stickers! Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Dalmoji- Dalmatian Emojis and Stickers!

This is the ultimate Dalmatian Lovers Emoji and Sticker app.
$2.99 vandaag gratis

Dalmoji- Dalmatian Emojis and Stickers!
is beschikbaar als een Giveaway of the Day!
Je krijgt een beperkte tijd om het te downloaden en te installeren.

Do you have a Dalmatian?
Do you love Dalmatians?

This is the ultimate Dalmatian Lovers Emoji and Sticker app. Just check out the screen shots.

Whether you are a dog person or have friends, family and coworkers that are...this app has:

*100+ Cute and Hilarious Emojis (more on the way)
*Crisp and clear emojis. No more cut off or blurry emojis
*No in app purchases. One purchase gets you instant access to all the emojis

Have the cutest dog or know someone that does? You can submit pictures or video of that dog and we will pick the best ones and turn them into emojis!

Download the app to find out how!


How to use these emojis?

Step 1: Download the app, Swipe to the last screen > Click on the first green button titled,

"*Atnn. Watch Important Setup Video"

(This video will walk through everything about this app. How to use, privacy and much more!)

Step 2: Try it out

Thank you for all the kind comments and enthusiasm around this app. Next week we have an update planned for more emojis so keep an eye out. The best way to stay informed on new updates, features and promotions is to open the app > swipe to the last screen and click on the button titled, “Join the Secret Email Newsletter >>”

Lastly, Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

Thank you!



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iPhone, iPad

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