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Des Dreams AR Book v.1 Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Des Dreams AR Book v.1

A 60 page fully-illustrated and augmented reality book telling the tale of Desdemona!

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Des Dreams AR Book v.1 is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

To Dream of Dancing: Desdemona’s Dreams, Volume 1 is a 60 page fully-illustrated and augmented reality book telling the tale of Desdemona, an eleven-year-old girl growing up in a small town, raised by her guardian teddy bear and two witchy aunts. As Desdemona’s dreams have grown more vivid, the people in her town have been losing their ability to dream. It’s when her dream of dancing is captured by the mad Maestro, that she learns she can bring things from her dreams into reality. This is the beginning of an adventure to discover who Desdemona really is, the importance of imagination, and what happens to a world without dreams.

Join her on this vivid adventure brought to life in AR. Jump into this immersive way of storytelling with Desdemona, teddy and all of the beloved characters as every page reveals a deeper sense of immersion.
How to:
TAP the “START” button
Once camera is initialized find a horizontal flat surface. This can be a table, floor or flat ground.
Once the camera has found a surface TAP the screen to “PLACE BOOK”.
Swipe left with your finger to open the book or turn pages. Follow in app prompts.
Follow along with the narrator and watch as the book comes to life before your very eyes.
Tips & Tricks for best play results:
Do not block camera with your fingers, hand or real world objects.
Pinch screen to scale the book to the desired size.
As Z.W. Mohr narrates, move your phone around to become a part of the story.
Make sure you place book in a well lit, open, non cluttered area.
Enjoy with friends and family anywhere.
Be aware of your surroundings while using the app.
Practice safety when moving around to enjoy the fullness of the apps abilities.

The world of Desdemona’s Dreams provides more than just a fun story. This fully-illustrated picture book series delivers fairy tale inspired empowerment for people of all ages. Its timeless message introduces you to the world of an 11-year-old girl named Desdemona, who discovers that she can bring her dreams into the waking world at a time when everyone else is forgetting how to dream. Packed full of whimsical adventures and heartfelt discoveries, this series is guaranteed to capture the hearts and minds of everyone. Explore how imagination may be the key to discovering who we’re meant to be!


Artist Life Vision VR LLC






196.29 MB






iPhone, iPad

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