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Durood Nariya Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Durood Nariya

Durood Nariya is a durood app specifically designed for Durood Nariya recitation.
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Durood Nariya
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Durood Nariya is a durood app specifically designed for Durood Nariya recitation.

Durood Nariya application includes Arabic Font, transliteration in English and also the English meaning.

Durood Nariya app remembers the last number that you were on while performing the recitation so that you can continue from where you left off when you relaunch the app. With Durood Nariya counter application, you can easily subtract the recitations (which you recited elsewhere) from the total number.

⁃ Darood Nariya Counter
- Invisible but large counter increment button. Just touch the screen without scrolling.
⁃ Simple & straightforward user interface
⁃ The ability to scroll through durood (which includes Arabic Font and transliteration in English and also English meaning)
⁃ The ability to remember the last number when you relaunch the app
⁃ Switch on/off sound feature
⁃ Reset counter feature
⁃ Awesome new features
* Public Mode feature with the ability to change counter position
* History Feature
* Reminder Feature
* Changable vibration intensity
* Changable font size
* Changable text colour
* Changable background colour
* The ability to add and subtract from the counter
* With tashkeel (harakat) and without tashkeel Arabic text option

Durood Nariya is a dua for relief, anxiety, needs, problems.

For stronger cases entire family or a group of people can sit together and recite for higher counts, with a common intention and for a common purpose.

Salawat (durud, dorud, durood, darood, darud, Arabic: صَلَوات ) is plural of Salat/ Salaat. Salawat,as salatu alan Nabi or as salātu ala-n-Nabī (from Arabic: الصلاة على النبي‎‎) or Darood Sharif is an invocation which Muslims make by saying specific phrases to salute Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims often recite Durood Sharif (درود شریف, Durūd Sharīf, Durood Nabi) or Salam (سلام, salām,salaam). This salawat is one of them.

This salawat is also known as “Durood Naariya, Durood e Nariye, Durood e Nariya,Durood Nariyah, Durood Naariyah,Durood e Nahariya, Durood Naria, Durood Nariya, Sholawat Nariyah, Shalawat Naariya, Shalawat Nariyyah, Shalawat Nariyah, Selawat Nariah, Selawat Nariyah, Salawat Naariyah, Salawaat Naariya, Salat Nariyya, Salat al Nariyya, Salaat al Naariyya, Salat Al Nariyyah, Salatu an Nariyah, Salatun Naariyah, Salatı Nariye, Salatı Tefriciye, Salatı Tefriciyye, Salavatı Tefriciye, Salati Tefriciye,Salatü Tefriciye, Durud e Nariya, Selawat Nariah, Selawat an Nariah, Salatan Nariya, Sholawat Munfarijah, Shalawat Munfarijah, Solawat Munfarijah, Salatu-n Nariyyah, Salatu-t Tafrijiyya, Salatu al-Tafrijiyah, (صلوات تفريجية، الصلاة التفريجية ، الصلاة النارية ), Salawat Tafrijiyah, Selawat Tafrijiyah, Selawat Tafrijiyyah, Selawat Tafrijiah, Sholawat Tafrijiyah, Sholawat Nabi, Shalawat Tafrijiyah, Sholawat Tafrijiyyah, Shalawat Tafrijiyyah, Salat al Tafrijiyya, Salat ul Tafreejiyyah, Durood Kaamilah, Salaat al Kamila, Selawat Kamilah, Salawaat Kaamilah, Durood Taaziya, Salat Taaziya, Salat Taziyya, Salatu al Qurtubiyah, Salat al-Nariya, Salat al-Tafrijiyah, Salat al-Qurtubiyya, Salat al-Taziya, Salat al-Kamila, Sholawat Nariyah, Selawat Tafrijiyah, Sholawat Kamilah” in other languages.








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English, Turkish


iPhone, iPad

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