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Enticio Write Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Enticio Write

It's finally time to go beyond email and text; it's time to make communication personal again.

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Enticio Write is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

Are you ready for what's next? It's finally time to go beyond email and text; it's time to make communication personal again, so join the Enticio™ Write revolution. You are more than just words™, so don't settle for just email. We have reinvented the handwritten letter to give you something that goes far beyond what email and postcards provide; instead, you get an app that stimulates your creativity and amplifies your talents™. Free your imagination and engage in a deeper, more sincere form of communication; send a HandiMail™ today.

Whether it's a letter to family, a personalized postcard while on vacation, a group trip, a quick note to a friend, a "Thank You," a sports tournament, a signed selfie or maybe a Holiday Card... getting a HandiMail™ tells everyone what's important to you and with Enticio™ Write, you get an infinite number of ways to do it.

For the ultimate writing experience, you might want an Apple® Pencil but that expressive power can be yours even if all you have is a finger. Not just another app, this patented software is optimized for writing notes and letters but you will be surprised at how much fun it is to send a customized, personal message! You can start using it right away but you will never exhaust the possibilities!

In addition to pens and pen brushes, you can choose inks from a rainbow of colors, you can create your own custom stationery with colored lines, colored paper and you can even add an image from your photo library if you like. Just snap a selfie, group photo, write a letter and sign it or have all your friends sign it; it's couldn't be easier. All this innovation, combined with the ease and convenience of HandiBanner™ and HandiPaper™ make it possible for anyone to create beautiful stationery that you can write on and send to anyone**.

A new way of communicating requires some new technology; the patented, Unioness™ engine works with geometry, so it works language! You don't have to choose at all, use multiple languages or make up one of your own! You can write something and then go back and select your words and sketches - then you can move your selection around with pixel perfect precision with just a finger. If you make a stroke you don't like, simply "wave it away" with an infinite Undo gesture as if you were wiping away pencil eraser bits. Enticio™ Write gives you new ways to express yourself and it is so intuitive that the app quickly begins to "disappear" and you will be thinking about what you want to say and how you want to say it, not how to make the software work.

And don't forget, this app was NOT made just for artists or people who want to take notes. Instead, this software welcomes everyone to enjoy this tour de force of usability and design that is Enticio™ Write. Instead, you can be sending your first beautiful HandiMail™ right away. If you ever found software hard to use and you wish someone would just make it easier, you will love Enticio™ Write!

When you're done, you can save your "letter" to your Photo library or send it as a HandiMail™; it works like an email, only faster and easier. You will be amazed at how fun you will have making letters and cards that look amazing.

So, if you own an Apple® Pencil, you owe it to yourself to get the most enjoyable, expressive and satisfying experience possible in an app that is designed for people of all ages. Remember that even if you don't have a stylus handy, a finger will do just fine.

So join the Enticio™ Write revolution and surprise everyone you know; send a HandiMail™ today and make communication personal again!

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*Enticio™ Write is optimized for the Apple® Pencil and a supported tablet but a stylus is not required to use the software. Finger mode will also let you use almost any stylus.

** Recipient email account must be capable of supporting attached images.


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