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FastClip - Copy Paste Enhancer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - FastClip - Copy Paste Enhancer

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Efficient tool that integrates clipboard management, collection and archiving and text content expansion.

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FastClip for iOS is an efficient tool that integrates clipboard management, collection and archiving and text content expansion. It is an extension of FastClip for macOS on iPhone, but it makes full use of the characteristics of the iPhone to help you improve efficiency in work and life.

**Clipboard Manager**
FastClip for iOS inherits the excellent engine of macOS, allowing you to quickly retrieve a large amount of information on your phone. And you can also add text records on your iPhone, or you can add more important information to FastClip by taking a photo and scanning the QR code.

You can create multiple Pin Tabs to categorize, collect and manage your important information and quickly switch through the sidebar.

**Sync Network**
You can synchronize the data between the iPhone and the mac by sync network, or even the synchronization between the iPhone and the iPhone, and between the mac and the mac. Of course, you can also create different synchronization networks to isolate different scenarios such as work and sharing.

**Thinking bar**
The mobile version of the Thinking bar currently supports two major functions: later reading and URL resolution. Of course, the subsequent Thinking bar will also bring more functional extensions like the macOS version.

**Small components and shortcuts**
In order for FastClip to provide users with a better experience on iOS, FastClip for iOS supports both widgets and shortcuts, allowing you to quickly import clipboard content into FastClip. In addition, FastClip also supports sharing components and is original The copy and go function allows you to paste information one step faster.

**Contact us**

-Twitter: fastclip1


yin shen






15.88 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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