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Feelu: Explore Kids' Feelings Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Feelu: Explore Kids' Feelings

Feelu: Explore Kids' Feelings

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Feelu: Explore Kids' Feelings is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

We believe that talking about different feelings and encouraging children to be mindful, kind, and grateful helps them to be mentally healthier. Feelu also gives suggestions for how to react to bullying. However, Feelu is not a replacement for professional therapy or advice.

Feelu is accompanied by the book, Feelu: Explore Your Feelings, available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Indigo.

Specifically, Feelu helps children to:
- acknowledge their feelings and handle them in a healthy manner
- cope with and reduce tantrums
- be kind to each other and to animals
- be mindful and relax their bodies
- be grateful and become happier
- react properly to bullying

Feelu has six (6) sections as below:

Feelings: The child can go through this section regularly to explore different feelings. There is a description and an example for each feeling. For difficult feelings, there is also a suggestion for how the child might handle the feeling. This can help with tantrums. (“My feelings” and “Game” are interactive parts of Feelu that also help the child to practice recognizing and expressing his/her feelings.)

My Feelings: This feature can be used daily. A good time is before bed. The child can express how he/she feels and also save it. The child will also be encouraged to think of something that he/she is grateful for. Finding something small to be grateful for, like reading a book or playing with a friend, can improve overall happiness.

Game: Here, the child can express how he/she would feel in response to different events or incidents. There is no wrong or right answer, and the child can choose any feeling.

Kindness: This section promotes kindness. It encourages the child to be kind to all people, including ones with special needs. It teaches compassion for all human beings, and even animals. There are also some examples to show how small a kind act can be.

Be mindful: This is a 5-breath meditation that helps children be calm and mindful, and relax their bodies. This short meditation can be used daily, after having a tantrum or a difficult negative feeling, or even before bedtime for a better sleep.

Handle bullying: Feelu suggests 3 simple steps to be followed if the child is bullied or abused. Please repeat these steps regularly with the child to encourage him/her to act properly in case of bullying.

Our design and vision: The design of Feelu is compatible with the autistic spectrum. Our goal is to spread love, kindness and happiness by promoting the mental health of all children, including autistic children and children with special needs. Feelu is produced by Black Whale Technology Inc., a software company focused on designing high-quality apps for kids.

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