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Food Explorer Club Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Food Explorer Club

Start using the Food Explorer Club app today - a great tool to help families with picky eaters.
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Food Explorer Club
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Start using the Food Explorer Club app today - a great tool to help families with picky eaters.

It can be hard to get kids to try new foods. The Food Explorer Club app gives parents a way to encourage and excite them about trying all types of food. Parents assign badges and points when their picky eater tries new foods and continues to eat the ones they want them to eat. Then kids can trade in their points for rewards set by the parents.

Food Explorer Club features:

EARN BADGES & POINTS: When a child tries a new food, parents choose the badge that fits that food, then assigns the number of points. There are even badges for taking vitamins and having a clean plate.

THE BIG REVEAL: Once the parent has assigned badges and points, the child opens the crate that appears to reveal what they earned. Kids get so excited to see their badges and love competing with siblings to see who has the most points.

REWARDS: Parents can create rewards with their child that can be redeemed with the points. Being rewarded positively is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits. Rewards we’ve seen kids love include a trip to the park, sitting in Dad’s chair at dinner, and dessert. The best part is that it’s up to the parent to decide what rewards are given and how many points it takes for them to be redeemed.

LIMITED EDITION BADGES: Surprise! Kids love surprises and so do we. Be on the lookout for Limited Edition Badges that will only be available for limited periods.

PARENTS ARE IN CONTROL: The app is designed for the parent. Parents choose which badges their child earns along with the number of points. So if your child has allergies or your family doesn’t eat certain foods, that’s okay. You are in control of what your child sees.

ABOUT US: We are the parents of two picky eaters and used this tactic to help them try new foods! Before the app, we lived in a world of chicken fingers and pizza, now they love to eat salmon, apples, and carrots. We cannot wait to share this platform with all of you and hope that it transforms your child’s picky habits into a love of healthy foods.

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