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Ghost Vision SLS Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Ghost Vision SLS

Unlock the full potential of your paranormal investigation and experience a world previously unseen.
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Ghost Vision SLS
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Unlock the full potential of your paranormal investigation and experience a world previously unseen. See in low-light. See in total and complete darkness. Detect human figures. © See what cannot be seen.

© Ghost Vision uses AI-driven software and hardware components similar to those found in Kinect-driven SLS devices, used by professional paranormal investigators worldwide.

© Ghost Vision utilizes structured-light *lidar-enabled infrared imaging, AI-directed computer vision, GPU image filtering, and advanced hardware management to provide unparalleled night vision, image processing, and real-time human figure detection.

Key Features
•Unparalleled, world-class, professional series software.
•Real-time human figure detection.
•Detect human figures in any environment and virtually any lighting condition.
•Lidar-enabled infrared depth-driven imaging.*
•Lidar-enabled infrared-driven night vision. See in total and complete darkness.*
•Twilight-enabled low-light visibility. See in extremely low-light environments.
•Multiple state-of-the-art AI-driven vision models.
•Filter ambient noise to isolate and enhance your surroundings.
•Human figure joint confidence visualization.
•Record, analyze, and share photos and video recordings.
•Intuitive, professional, easy-to-use design.
•Extensive help section.
•Easy access to customer support.
•Lifetime updates.

*Lidar-enabled functionality is available only on iPhone Pro devices.

Frustration Free
•No Ads
•No Gimmicks
•World-Class Customer Support

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iPhone, iPad

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