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iBible - Study Bible Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - iBible - Study Bible

This application provides an easy way to read and study the Bible.
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iBible - Study Bible
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This application provides an easy way to read and study the Bible.
The Bible contains 5 built-in comments:
. Geneva Study Bible Commentary
. John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible
. Wells of Living Water Commentary
. Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
.Scofield Reference Bible

5 built-in translations:
. New American Standard Bible (NASB)
. English Standard Version (ESV)
. New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
. New International Version (NIV)
. King James Bible 1611: Pure Cambridge Edition (KJPCE/KJV)

As well as translations that can be downloaded at any time:
. New King James Version, 1982

. Schlachter Bibel
. Die Bibel

. Reina-Valera
. Nueva Biblia al Día

. Синодальный перевод
. Новый русский перевод (NRT)
. Современный русский перевод (BTI)

. Біблія в пер. Івана Огієнка
. Переклад Патріарха Філарета
. Біблія в пер. Куліша та Пулюя

. Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu
. Biblia Ortodoxă Sinodală
. Versiunea Bartolomeu Anania

. Smith Van Dyke
. New Van Dyck Bible

And comments that can also be downloaded:
. Matthew Henry Commentary
. Spurgeon’s Verse Expositions of the Bible
. Hawker's Poor man's commentary
. Father Antonios Fikry Rofaeil (Arabic)
This Bible reading application stands out among others with the following convenient features:
. For a deeper study of the Bible, there is a convenient mode - Working with Strong's numbers. It allows you to study the original Greek / Hebrew text and compare it with the translation.
. For a detailed study of the Bible, there is a convenient mode, by entering into which you can read all available translations and comments to the current verse.
. Subheadings for each translation (Subheadings can be turned off in the settings)
. Cross references to each verse. To view a parallel place, you need to make a long press on the verse and select "Parallel Places". A screen with all parallel locations will open (Locations taken from "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge")
. 10 reading plans are provided, with the option of daily notification of today's plan
. You can download additional translations in German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages at any time.
. You can synchronize data between your devices.
. While reading, you can open an additional tab in which you can simultaneously watch another translation or commentary.
. In comments, where there are links to other texts, these text can be opened by clicking on the link (links are highlighted in color).
. There is a convenient search in the entire Bible or only in the Old / New Testament.
. Convenient search in one of the built-in dictionaries (Nave's Topical dictionary and William Smith's dictionary)
. Any verse can be added to bookmarks. You can also highlight bookmarks with color to make them stand out from the general background.
. You can add notes to the verses and read them in the future.
. When you go to a book, in order not to manually search for a book, you can enter the first letters of the book in the search line and it will be highlighted by itself.
. Ability to choose a dark / light theme for the application. By default, the current smartphone theme will be used.
. Ability to choose any accent color for the application.
. There is a History screen, thanks to which you will never forget the places you read.
. The ability to increase / decrease the font of the text for a more comfortable reading of the Bible.
. Any verse can be copied
..The ability to select several verses at once and copy. To do this, select a verse by long pressing and click on the "Select" item, and then select other necessary verses.
. Internet connection is not required for the application to work
. Does not contain ads


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