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iDryfire Laser Target System Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - iDryfire Laser Target System

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A training tool for marksmanship and use of force simulation.
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iDryfire Laser Target System
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This is the second version of the app. We've completely re-engineered this application from scratch and addressed the major fault reported in the comments - The “Switch background it is too bright” error message has been corrected!

Version 2.0 introduces a brand new interface, improved accuracy of laser detection and a split time viewer.

About our company:

The iDryfire™ laser target system is brought to you by the developers of iMarksman® Virtual Target Systems, premier training tools for Marksmanship and Use of Force simulation. The Patent Pending iDryfire™ Laser Target System is the new, safe, and convenient way to practice with your own firearms before stepping foot on a live fire shooting range.

Our clients:
Federal Air Marshals
PTU FBI Academy
United States Army
Army of Spain
Police and security companies around the world.

How does it work?

Always ensure you are starting with a safe, clear and empty firearm.

Choose any paper target or object.
For best performance use a background with no glare
Point your Smart Devices camera at the target from a short distance of 4 – 7 yards (additional accessories available on our website to increase functional distance up to 20 yards).

We recommend you use a tripod with your iPhone/iPad.
As a Dry fire device, you can use any dry fire barrel laser inserts or cartridges designed for firearms or laser simulator, including training handguns or Rifles (See our website for availability)

Recommended exercises:
- Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> dry fire -> re-holster
- Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> reload -> dry fire -> re-holster.

More information:
- Recommended background: Matte surface on a lighted painted wall
- Avoid a shiny subjects in the background or direct light on the target or camera

For any issues please contact us at HYPERLINK ""
For available accessories please visit


Andrey Safanyuk






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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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