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The ONLY platform in the world which can filter studies by the sample size/number of subjects.
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iSearch Biomed
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So, why would you need an app to access Pubmed when you can pull up on your browser? Because, the app does what Pubmed cannot do.

For those of you who have not heard of Pubmed, it is the biggest database of research studies on this planet.

So, what is the problem with Pubmed? When you search, let us say for 'schizophrenia' , it spews out tons and tons of information that you cannot really make sense of. You then wipe the sweat off your brows, go to advanced search and look for, let us say, randomized controlled trials; it then spews out another ton of data with information from obscure journals and questionable studies that you really don't know if you can trust. And all this, if you can figure out how to use Advanced Search on Pubmed!

We are not blaming is what it is..just a database. It's just that we cannot use it as it is. Here comes our app. So what does it do?
1. It organizes studies by impact factor of journal. So if you are a medical doctor who searches for a medical condition, you would see results from JAMA, Nature, NEJM etc. at the top.

2. JARVIS is our home-made artificial intelligence. He can recognize types of studies by directly reading them. He can make your searches and sorts far simpler.

3. It is the ONLY platform in the world which can filter studies by the sample size/number of subjects.

Pubmed does not hold journal impact factors and there are third party applications that can link Pubmed journals to impact factors, but still, there is no way to sort by impact factor of the journal.

The other problem with Pubmed is misclassification. For example, a meta-analysis is not classified as such in many cases. Our app overcomes Again by reading through the abstracts!

The app easily enables users to search for updates in a particular field or disease process over the last few days.

The app stores all saved data on the cloud. Saved files can be accessed via an easy to use file browser. A common login should help in sharing files between users and in research collaboration. Transfer files easily from your mobile to other devices/desktop as well. Also, you can highlight and mark-up text before saving.

Our app also makes what Pubmed does a lot easier: you can sort by the type of study by the push of a button for example. Bookmarking is also a lot easier. You can also sort by free full text articles to display only articles which are free.

What the app does not do?
It does not provide full articles from Journals which require a subscription. You would be crazy to expect that for the price of this app! There are still scores of free articles on Pubmed. In fact, for most clinicians and professionals, reading the abstract would provide the required information.

While the search algorithm continues to get better with improvement in AI, this technology has remained at the heart of data mining at Best Surgical Education.

The in app purchases cost $1.49 a week to $25 a year, depending on the tier of subscription. JARVIS is available only in Tier 2. You can cancel this any time from your Apple ID menu in the Settings App. Subscription will be auto-renewed unless turned off before 24 hours of the next renewal date.

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Terms of use:

Note: Pubmed database comes under the Public Domain. No one has ownership of this data. We do acknowledge NCBI and NLM for doing their work on this great database.


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