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Isometric Squares - puzzle ² Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Isometric Squares - puzzle ²

Goal is simple: to make a square from squares by fitting them all on the grid.
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Isometric Squares - puzzle ²
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Goal is simple: to make a square from squares by fitting them all on the grid. You can do that in 2D or 3D if you want an additional spatial challenge. Either way, it's not that easy as it sounds!

Isometric Squares offers two modes:
- difficult with isometric 3D view
- easy with top-down 2D view
Choose one which suits you more!

- 50+ levels with overall 150+ isometric puzzles to solve
- 5 difficulty levels to choose from
- Simple rules, no instructions needed
- No time pressure, no move limits, no points, no grades
- No ADS, no IAPs, no extra payments
- Minimalistic design & ambient soundtrack
- Colorblind / high-contrast mode
- Supports both smartphones and tablets
- Haptic Feedback support
- No Internet required

Game is suitable for both kids & adults. It doesn't matter if you are 5, 15, 30 or 60 - everyone can enjoy these minimalistic & relaxing puzzles.

Download now and make a square! :)


Wojciech Wysocki






136.84 MB






iPhone, iPad

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