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keepOFF - focus timer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - keepOFF - focus timer

keepOFF is based on the ancients' timekeeping method.

Deze giveaway is verlopen. keepOFF - focus timer is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

The entire piece of time that I once owned has been broken into pieces of time by "various sticky apps" in my phone, and even the last piece of fragmented time is slowly being swallowed up. This makes us inattentive and inefficient when studying or working. We seem to live anxiously in a 5-inch screen every day.

When I realized this problem, I developed keepOFF, so that in the era of mobile phone dependence, we can regain the kind of focused experience of focusing on doing things without being disturbed by mobile phones.

design concept:
keepOFF is based on the ancients' timekeeping method, and used this style throughout the design and interaction of the entire app. In use, I hope to make people feel familiar and quiet. The scenery off the screen is the scenery related to you.

1. Chic interactive experience
2. Metal ringtone reminder
3. Incense of different time lengths
4. Focused time statistics
5. Thoughtful setting options

For a better experience, it is recommended to mute the phone or turn off the network when using keepOFF.


Zhiqiang Wang






12.88 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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