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Learn Toki Pona Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Learn Toki Pona

Game-based Toki Pona learning: You will never get bored.

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Learn Toki Pona is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.


◉ Game-based Toki Pona learning: You will never get bored.

◉ Immersive lessons help you to have real-life, practical conversations quickly.

◉ Offline accessibility: Once the app is downloaded, no internet connection is required.

◉ Sitelen Emoji are supported.

◉ Study progress tracking.

◉ Dark Mode support.

With these tools at your disposal, nothing can stop you from mastering Toki Pona. Start on your path to fluency today!

Please note: This is NOT an official Toki Pona course.

What is Toki Pona?
Sonja Lang created the language Toki Pona in the year 2001. Her aim was minimalism. Toki Pona consists of only about 120 words, which are not altered. In accordance with the position in the sentence, the words can vary their significance. To describe more detail you have to combine words.
It is not the goal of Toki Pona to describe complex issues. Dissertations and scientific papers will never written in Toki Pona. Lawyers, bureaucrats, theologians and politicians are warned of the side-effect of this language.
It is not the aim of Toki Pona to solve the communication problems in the world. But you can learn this language in a month. Toki Pona is easy in an intelligent way and yoga for the brain. People who hate nested subordinate clauses and commas will certainly have fun with Toki Pona.


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iPhone, iPad

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