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LEDot - Realistic Portable LED Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - LEDot - Realistic Portable LED

LEDot turns your iPhone/iPad into an awesome ticker display.
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LEDot - Realistic Portable LED
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LEDot turns your iPhone/iPad into an awesome ticker display. It’s the perfect app to communicate with your friends in noisy bars, parties or concerts. Also in places where shouting would be inappropriate such as meetings, classes or libraries.

Use LEDot to:
- Support your favorite band.
- Confess to someone you like.
- Send song requests to the DJ.
- Order drinks in crowded bars.
- Greet passengers at the airport.
- Communicate with the hearing impaired.
- Talk to your dentist during a procedure.
- Let lousy drivers know what you think of them.
- Tell your coworkers how bored you are during a meeting.
- The communication possibilities are endless!

EMAIL: szsb_jian@outlook.com


Jiantao Chen






4.18 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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