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Letter Hive Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Letter Hive

A difficult word game inspired by the New York Times' game Spelling Bee.
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Letter Hive
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A difficult word game inspired by the New York Times' game Spelling Bee.

- words must have at least 4 letters
- words must contain the center letter
- letters can be used more than once

Everyday there's a new game waiting for you that you need to finish until the end of the day, try to find as many words as possible!

Custom games:
Custom games allow you to create your own games with your own letters and your own rules!
Toggle the pangram switch to decide if the game should contain at least one word that is made up of all the 7 different letters and set a time for yourself ranging from 1 minute until 31 days! Alternatively you don't need to use a timer at all and just play until you have found as many words as you like.

Tap on the word bar while playing the game to see all the words that you have found.

Have fun!

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Lennart Philipp






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English, German


iPhone, iPad

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