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Little Learners Tonga Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Little Learners Tonga

Learn Tongan language with us!
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Little Learners Tonga
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Learn Tongan language with us! Memorise words, numbers, alphabet, colours, and days with our colourful, fun, and exciting flash cards. Although this app is made for kids, but if you are an adult who wants to learn basic words in the Tongan language, please feel free to use our app to help you! Improve your vocabulary quickly with us and practice memorisation and concentration.
It’s important to start learning a language at a very young age. Kids absorb learning very fast at that age, especially when learning a language. If you introduce a new language to your kids, they will master it in no time and show native speaker proficiency. If your native language is Tongan, you can use our app to improve your kids language proficiency. They will learn about alphabets, numbers, and other vocabulary in a fun and exciting way. Little Learners Tonga is designed with colourful pictures to make your kids love learning!
* Flash card study method for quick & easy memorisation.
* Read aloud feature so you know how to pronounce each word.
* Help your kids learn to focus, concentrate, and remember.
* Improve vocabulary in a fun, exciting way.
* Take the quiz after the flashcard to strengthen your memory.
* Sample words for each alphabet.
* Awesome music and sounds to accompany your learning.
What you can learn:
* Numbers
* Alphabet
* Colours
* Days
* Months

How to use:
1. Select a theme.
2. Browse the flash card or start from any card.
3. We will read each card for you so you can hear the correct pronunciation.
4. Memorise all the words for each theme.
5. Take a quiz to see how many words you remember.
6. View the picture and select the correct answer.
7. We will calculate your score.
8. Keep learning and taking quizzes to improve your Tongan language vocabulary!
Kids learn best when they enjoy it. So let your kids learn and play with us!
Thank you for choosing Little Learners Tonga app.
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