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Making Cents Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Making Cents

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Making Cents is a simplified money/purchase calculator with life skills applications.
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Making Cents
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Making Cents is a simplified money/purchase calculator with life skills applications. It was designed for students with special needs in mind, but it is also good for kids learning about money and sales tax. Input how much money you have, add together the prices of what you're purchasing, apply tax, and view the result! Lets you see if you have enough money for a purchase when tax is added to what you want to buy. It has large visual buttons: Start Over, Erase (separately erases the Have or Buy), Have, Buy, Tax, +, -, and =.
Simply Enter
* How much money you have
* Cost of what you want to buy
* Press Tax
* Get your results — Can you afford the purchase or not?
Visual, audio, kinesthetic, and tactile features
* Visual — Vibrant colors, green thumbs-up & red thumbs-down
* Audio — When tapped, talking buttons tells you how much money you have, how much you want to buy, green thumbs-up says “you have enough money” and red thumbs-down says “you don’t have enough money.”
* Kinesthetic & Tactile — Touch screen activated, touch buttons or words.
* Easily set or change the tax rate for your city or county
* Turn on/off voice (defaults to on)
* Remembers last settings
* Can reset tax to default 8%


Michael Patini






1.85 MB






iPhone, iPad

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