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Map Redirect for Map Links Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Map Redirect for Map Links

Map Redirect is a Safari Extension to replace all map links on a webpage to be opened with the map app of your choice.

Deze giveaway is verlopen. Map Redirect for Map Links is nu beschikbaar op de normale manier.

Map Redirect is a Safari Extension to replace all map links on a webpage to be opened with the map app of your choice. You can select your target to always open in Apple Maps, Google Maps, HERE WeGo Maps, Bing Maps, Waze.

Map Redirect will automatically redirect you to the maps app of your choice. If you select "Ask Me" a prompt will appear to ask you where to open the link.

Works on Google Search pages and any other webpage. No need to copy/paste addresses anymore.

1. Turn on Map Redirect in Safari Extensions -> Map Redirect
2. In Safari, visit webpage and allow access for Map Redirect
3. Select the target you want to open map links in
4. Your links will now be automatically redirected

Map links can appear in various forms with different parameters. Map Redirect tries to detect and convert them as much as possible to your desired target. It may happen that some links to not work as expected.

In case Map Redirect does not work on a specific webpage, please contact us and let us know the URL to check and fix it. Thank you for contributing.

*HERE WeGo deeplinking support is limited to only links with geo-coordinates
*Bing maps will use Apple Maps on iPhones
*Waze Deeplinking support is limited to searching from your current location to what is around you

Map Redirect does not use any trackers of any sort, nor does it keep, track, sell, rent, or share any information on you throughout your use of the app with any third parties. All processing happens locally on the webpage you visit with the extension. No data is transferred to any central server. For any questions, feel free to contact us directly.


Miao Wang






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iPhone, iPad

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