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Noor - Daily Ayah Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Noor - Daily Ayah

Your Ultimate Companion for Inspiration, Motivation, and Happiness through the Quran.
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Noor - Daily Ayah
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Introducing Noor – Daily Ayah: Your Ultimate Companion for Inspiration, Motivation, and Happiness through the Quran.

We created Noor, based on the Hadith, «بلغوا عني ولو آية» “Tell others about Me even if it is one Ayah,” to beautifully deliver one handpicked ayah to you every day.


Daily Ayah: Receive the Word of Allah daily through captivating handpicked verses.

Multilingual Support: Choose from 8 languages — English, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, اردو, हिन्दी, Af-Soomaali, فارسى, or Türkçe — and have the verse displayed in your preferred language alongside the original Arabic text.

Inspire and Share: Feel motivated, inspired, and strengthened in your faith with each ayah. Share these powerful messages effortlessly with your loved ones, friends, or social networks, spreading the light of the Quran to those who matter most to you.

Ad-Free Experience: Noor is designed to provide a serene and uninterrupted journey through the Quran. Enjoy an ad-free experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and wisdom of the verses.

Widgets: Beautiful widgets to keep your daily ayah with you all day without even opening the app.

Wallpapers: Save your favorite ayat to your album and set them as your wallpaper.

Recitation: Experience mesmerizing recitations of your ayat and let them transport you to a state of tranquility.

Seamless Scrolling: Effortlessly swipe through your ayat.

Personalized for you: Noor tailors the ayat you receive to your preferences and reading habits. Discover verses that resonate with your spiritual journey.

Athan/Azan: Available for your convenience to remind you of the next prayer time for your current location (all location information is kept solely on your device).

Noor is free to use, but if you would like to support our mission to inspire, remind and spread the Quran every day, we offer Noor+, our premium subscription designed to upgrade your experience with many new features such as immersive recitation, effortless scrolling, personalized daily ayat on your feed based on your habits and how you’re feeling, and so much more.

Whether you’re just beginning your Quranic journey or just looking for further inspiration, this is the app for you! Immerse yourself in the Quran’s transformative power with Noor, designed to enrich your spiritual journey, and let the Quran become a source of inspiration, motivation, and lasting happiness in your life.

Download Noor today and experience the ultimate companion for your Quranic exploration!

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Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, Turkish


iPhone, iPad

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