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Northern Compass & Navigation Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Northern Compass & Navigation

Now with Apple Watch Series 5 Magnetometer support.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Northern Compass & Navigation is now available on the regular basis.

Now with Apple Watch Series 5 Magnetometer support.


1. Precision GPS Heading Compass
2. Magnetic compass - Apple Watch supported using pointer mode unless installed on Apple Watch Series 5
3. GPS Path Recording
4. Precision Speedometer
5. Destination Pointer
6. Google Maps integration

How are we different from other compass and navigation apps?

Northern is a powerful navigation tool that lets users cross validate and compare multiple directional/navigational readings within a single unified interface.

We believe this is a fantastic solution to a hard problem, namely that no one source of information is ever 100% accurate. In short, Northern is designed to help our users more confidently and reliably decide which direction they are heading.

Our specialized, dual compass display is shown alongside Google Maps, providing a single, simple, focused interface, designed from the ground up to more effectively orient you within your environment.  More reliably locate North South East and West, or even better, select a destination from our map - Northern will then display an arrow that locks onto these coordinates even while you move from one point to the next.

Compass Types *

Compass #1 - GPS Heading Compass

- Extremely accurate given a strong enough GPS signal and straight enough path
- Works on your Apple Watch while your phone is in your pocket
- Users can select how many samples they want to include with each direction reading - up to 60 for very long paths or as few as 3 for more responsive readings
- Each new GPS location sample is analyzed along with all other samples providing a continuous solution
- Each solution is then run through a specialized algorithm that calculates an approximate accuracy
- GPS hardware doesn't suffer the same type of magnetic interference as the magnetometer driven magnetic compass (Compass #2 below)

Compass #2 - Magnetic Compass

- Now available on Apple Watch Series 5
- More sensitive then the GPS Heading Compass
- Includes hardware accuracy reporting
- Our new pointer mode lets you view your iPhones magnetic compass readings on your Apple Watch

Path generation
Simple start/stop path recording lets you track your location over time.

Precision GPS analysis returns your speed in miles/kilometers per hour. Utilizes our high accuracy heading compass algorithms.

Northern is Great for ...

... wanderers ...
... those with a poor sense of direction ...
... people who like to explore, know where they are, but not necessarily require a rigid set of directions.

Extra Features...

Integrated Apple Maps into our Apple Watch extension. Users can reference surrounding streets and other landmarks right from their wrist.

Northern also uses Google Maps on your mobile device. Users can toggle between terrain, satellite or hybrid modes. We've also integrated Google Places, letting users quickly search for any destination with only a few taps.

Fun sharing features, including a scavenger mode, let users leave scrambled messages for one another - just find the location to unscramble.

* Apple Watch Series 5 is currently the only Apple Watch model with magnetometer hardware. Previous Apple Watch models sample magnetometer readings from paired iPhone hardware. All GPS location and heading readings also come from your paired iPhone hardware.








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