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Pegasus Browser - Ad Blocker Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Pegasus Browser - Ad Blocker

A popular incognito web browser for devices that run iOS
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Pegasus Browser - Ad Blocker
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Pegasus Browser has now been ranked in 50 countries!

Pegasus Browser is a popular incognito web browser for devices that run iOS. Pegasus Browser’s powerful ad blocker blocks ads by using over 50,000 flags. By using this method, it is possible to block many page ads, and makes browsing the web a more seamless experience. Pegasus Browser has many other features allowing users to view web pages easily and quickly. When using the URL bar, Pegasus Browser easily allows anybody to choose their favorite search engine without having to go to a settings menu. With the large number of features, and an elegant user interface Pegasus Browser is a great way to browse the web anonymously.

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Himanshu Minocha






16.87 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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